The Christopher Brodigan Gallery Archive

"Closeups: Exploring Nature’s Unnoticed Corners" by Mark Hopkins

Photography by Mark Hopkins
April 16–May 20

Mark Hopkins' wanderings in the forests and along the seashores of New England result in striking visual canvases of an often overlooked world.

"There is such a wealth of visual experience to be found in natural settings that are beyond the obvious and expected, and that is where my explorations are directed," Hopkins said. "It is so easy to sit admiring a spectacular seascape and entirely miss the remarkable rock formation you're sitting on."

The photographer focuses on details sometimes lost amidst a broader spectacular vista. "This isn't about Arctic auroras or Serengeti sunsets. It's about the way a rain puddle reflects the sky. The way tree roots intertwine along a river's edge. The way seaweed sways in a tide flow," he said. "It's about capturing and sharing those unexpected, surprising images that can strike a spark and
engage our sense of wonder."

Hopkins has exhibited his work in solo exhibitions, group shows, and juried competitions around New England and beyond.