William M. Polk

Class of ’58 | HEADMASTER 1978–2003
Bill Polk epitomized the notion of a well-rounded athlete: as a Groton student, he played varsity football, hockey, and baseball, then went on to play all three sports at Trinity College.

At Groton, he was captain of the football team and goalie on the undefeated 1957 hockey team, which scored fifty-one goals and held opponents to nine goals and four shut-outs. Bill received the Reginald Fincke Jr. Medal and earned eight varsity letters; he would have received three more had there been letters in hockey.

At Trinity College, Bill played on the freshman football and baseball teams, then played on both varsity teams for three years. A founding member of Trinity’s hockey program, he was the team’s goalie for four years. As a senior, he received Trinity’s McCook Trophy for athletic achievement.

As headmaster, Bill would occasionally assist with coaching the football and baseball teams and was supportive of all athletic teams. His afternoon runs took him past nearly every practice, and in conversation it was clear that he knew what was happening with players and teams at all levels of every sport.