The Christopher Brodigan Gallery Archive

"The Female Form: Go Figure" by Claudia Olds Goldie, Ruth Rosner, Melanie Zibit

Through November 14, 2017
Claudia Olds Goldie, Ruth Rosner, Melanie Zibit
The female form has inspired artists throughout history. “The Female Form: Go Figure” presents three very different interpretations of women. Each sculptor has a unique story to tell.
Claudia Olds Goldie’s ceramic sculpture, “Weight Bearing Exercise,” investigates the complex contradictions of body, mind, and perception. She examines how living and aging change the psyche and physical body.
Ruth Rosner sculpts women of all races and ages; they evolve from discarded objects, rusted metal, wire, plaster, and clay. Empowered by the yoking together of shards from industry and earth, Rosner’s women stand as guardians, oracles, and voices for the voiceless and unheard.
Melanie Zibit sculpts in the abstract. One of her works, “Madonna” (meaning My Lady) is a representation of the Virgin Mary, the archetype of a mother and child. Still relevant today, this piece reminds us that some women choose the role of nurturer and that self-actualization can reflect traditional gender roles.