Ejaaz Jiu '15

Football and Baseball at Bowdoin College
How did Groton prepare you to play college football and baseball?
Groton requires students to participate in afternoon activities. I believe that no matter what you choose to do, whether it be on the athletic field, on stage, or outdoors, you develop time management skills. Groton is known for producing some of the smartest minds in history, however, there are things taught on the field that can't be learned in a classroom. Groton provided me with the work ethic, discipline, and leadership skills to excel as a student-athlete at Bowdoin College.
What is your favorite memory from your Groton athletic career?
The bonfires with the football team before the St. Mark’s game every year. Football takes a lot out of players because each game, practice, and play requires mental, emotional, and physical toughness. Each year, a Groton football jersey was placed into the flames, representing the commitment and dedication displayed by the senior class. This was a highlight for me because it reminded everyone to live in the moment.
What advice would you give to students who want to play college athletics?
Never be complacent. No matter how fast, strong, or smart you are, nothing beats working hard and giving 110 percent effort. And it isn't about how good you are right now, but rather how hard are you willing to work to be better. Good things happen to those who go get it, whereas nothing happens to those who just want it.
Athletic Accomplishments while at Groton:
9 varsity letters
Coaches' Award (2014, 2015)
Team MVP (2014, 2015)
Most Improved Player (2013)
All ISL (2015)
Honorable Mention (2014)

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Ejaaz's Bowdoin football profile