April/May 2022

A Surprisingly Hopeful Earth Day Message
Who would have predicted that an Earth Day lecture about energy would leave the Groton audience hopeful about the future of the planet?

Joy Dunn, head of operations at Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), a clean energy start-up, provided a lesson on recent revolutionary breakthroughs in nuclear fusion—not to be confused with nuclear fission—during a Circle Talk in mid-April.
Fusion is the opposite of fission, she said, explaining that fusion combines atoms rather than splitting them. Fusion powers the sun and stars, but intensely powerful magnets are needed to create a fusion reaction on Earth.
While scientists and engineers have labored on the fusion conundrum for decades, the solution, Dunn believes, is within reach. Continued
Congratulations to our 2022-23 senior prefects, Osric, Maya, Amber, and Brayden!
Choreographing Social Justice
Artist Marc Bamuthi Joseph let the Groton community inside his multicolored mind during a Circle Talk in late April, as he shared his world view through poetry, opera, theater, and film.
The artistic director of social impact at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, Bamuthi shared several examples of his work . . . continued
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Did You Know?
The first known student venture into on-air radio was a joint project with Lawrence Academy in 1970. WLIR 640 AM, a progressive rock radio station, was on the air from 3:00 p.m. to midnight on weekdays and noon to midnight on weekends. DJs included Dan DiLeo '71, Rob Manning '72, Winthrop Miller '71, and Jeb Spaulding '71.

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Frank L. Johnson P '20, '22 correctly answered that the winter 2022 Groton School Quarterly was delayed because of the Canadian truckers' blockade and paper supply chain issues.
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