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The visual and performing arts programs at Groton provide students with opportunities to discover their talents, to acquire skills necessary for artistic expression, and to develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts. Drawing a landscape, directing a play, or building a mahogany table are as intrinsic to the artistic process as learning to critique a photograph, practicing a cello sonata, evaluating a theatrical performance, or singing a major choral work.

Students have opportunities to explore coursework in dance, drama, music, studio arts, and woodworking. They can also participate in the theater program as part of the school’s afternoon activities. A hands-on approach to learning lies at the core of Groton’s arts requirement, which emphasizes the value of being actively engaged in a creative process.

Binding together the diversity of the department is the conviction that the arts provide essential opportunities for people to express themselves, to become more perceptive, to develop self-discipline, and to enjoy fulfilling lives.

For more information on the arts at Groton School, visit our arts pages. To reserve/purchase tickets to theatrical performances, visit our box office.
All Second Formers spend a term studying visual arts, a term studying drama and a term studying music. ThirdFormers may take Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra or half-credit music lessons as their required half-creditarts course. All students take a minimum of three credits of art in any discipline(s) in the Upper School
Requirements​: All students entering Groton in third form take a half-credit, year-long arts course in music, woodshop, or visual arts. All students are required to take three credits of art in any discipline(s) in the Upper School. Musicking does not fulfill the arts requirement.

Our Faculty

  • Mary Ann Lanier

    Performing Arts Department Head, Director of Instrumental Music
  • Monika Andersson

    Visual Arts Department Head, Director de Menil Gallery
  • Brandt Belknap

    Technical Director
  • Douglas Brown

    Woodworking, Archivist, Independence Foundation Chair
  • Melissa De Jesus-Akuete

    Art Teacher
  • Catrin Evans

    Interim Technical Director
  • Nicole Harris

    Dance, part-time
  • Jennifer Ho

    Art Teacher
  • Dan Moriarty

    Director of Choral Music, Organist, Harold I. Pratt Chair of Music
  • Maria Morrell

    Dance, part-time
  • Laurie Sales

    Director of Theater