COVID-19 Updates

In response to the pandemic and the omicron variant, Groton School is adhering to strict COVID-19 protocols. Vaccination against COVID-19 is required of all students and employees. The school regrets that it is not able to welcome outside visitors at this time..
Groton School protocols often exceed state and CDC guidelines. They are assessed regularly and may be changed at any time, depending on the evolving state of the pandemic. This page is updated periodically with news and communications related to the school's pandemic response.

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  • Testing and Screening

    Groton School is partnering with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, which is providing RT-PCR COVID-19 testing, processing our tests, and guiding our testing protocol. Students, faculty, staff, and campus family members are tested weekly. Students report their health status via a screening app, which also will be used for contact tracing if necessary.
  • Mask Requirements

    All students, faculty, and staff are provided with face masks regularly, and they must wear them in any indoor spaces, with the exception of students in their own dorm rooms. Masks are required outdoors if unvaccinated faculty children are present and distancing is impossible.
  • Athletics

    • No outside spectators will be permitted until further notice.

    • Masks fully covering the nose and mouth will be required at all times for teams and coaches, including during play. Failure to adhere to this policy may lead to interrupted play.

    • The entire Groton School community is vaccinated, including all Groton players and coaches. Groton School will only play teams if all players and coaches are vaccinated against COVID-19. Groton will not compete against unvaccinated athletes either at home or away.

    • Groton School urges all teams' players to receive a COVID-19 booster vaccine.
    Game plans are subject to change at any time, based on players' COVID-19 test results. 
    As the pandemic evolves, Groton School reserves the right to update and potentially tighten our athletic protocols. Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to keep our community, and
    all competing athletes, as safe as possible.
  • Visiting Campus

    Outside visitors are restricted and discouraged until further notice. When permitted by invitation, visitors must be vaccinated with an authorized COVID vaccine. The Admission Office regrets that it is not able to welcome visitors to campus at this time.
  • Admission Information

    Due to the rate of infection in the area, the Admission Office is not able to welcome visitors to campus at this time. We hope to drop this restriction in the spring.