Visual Arts

Skills for visual expression are best cultivated when students are encouraged to approach their work with unbridled curiosity, creativity, and a flexible mind.
Students discover that they are artists in a wide variety of ways--in introductory arts workshops and painting and drawing classes, in the ceramics studio and the dark room. The Dillon Art Center houses sophisticated facilities, designed to nurture creativity in the budding artist.

As they investigate the basic techniques necessary to give artistic form to an idea, students also learn to understand visual art in relation to other disciplines–science, math, literature, history, technology, and music. Regardless of their artistic abilities, every student will have the opportunity to personally experience, recognize, and appreciate the beauty of a line, the power of a brushstroke, and the harmony inherent in a well-formed bowl.

Painting, Drawing, and Ceramics
Studios in the Dillon Art Center brim with the works of young visual artists. Within these rooms, painters learn to use light, composition, and color theory to improve their pieces. Ceramicists draw on the traditions of ancient, post-Renaissance, and contemporary periods as they learn how to turn clay into pottery. And drawing students explore the study of line, value, shape, and the illusion of depth, developing the techniques that help make drawn objects look real.
Groton School's thriving photography program teaches both traditional and digital imaging. From beginning to advanced levels, students get a solid foundation of technical knowledge while discovering a visual language with which to describe and interpret the world.

Groton offers a sophisticated woodworking program for students taking credit courses or for those simply interested in working with wood. Projects emphasize good design and craftsmanship and range from a simple box to—for advanced students—period pieces such as grandfather clocks and secretaries. Our well-equipped woodworking shop features the basic hand tools and power tools needed in cabinetmaking. The aim of the woodworking program is to offer difficult and time-consuming work that will result in a significant, personal accomplishment.
Groton School is a diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
Groton School is recognized as one of America's top boarding schools. It prepares students in grades 8-12 for the "active work of life."