The coronavirus pandemic can make the application process seem more complicated and difficult. At Groton, we are responding by revising some of our requirements. We hope these adjustments make your application to Groton a little bit easier.

List of 3 items.

  • 1. Standardized Testing

    Applicants are not required to submit standardized test scores as part of the admission process this year. When we say we are "test optional," we mean it! Applicants will not be at a disadvantage if they decide not to submit standardized test scores.  

    We do, however, require testing that demonstrates proficiency in English if you have not been studying in a school for the past two years where English is the primary language of instruction. We accept the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Groton's TOEFL code is 8224. We also accept the IELTS and Duolingo test. The Duolingo test has always provided a remote option, so that test may be preferable.
  • 2. Required: Math and Writing Samples

    This year all applicants must provide a PDF of a graded essay that they have written and a PDF of a recent, graded math assessment (test or project) and an associated math exercise.
  • 3. Recommendations

    The English teacher recommendation, math teacher recommendation, and personal recommendation and/or special interest recommendation are required. In a typical year, we ask for recommendations from current English and math teachers, but this year applicants may ask teachers from the previous year for recommendations.
If further updates to the admission process are developed, they will be listed in this section of the website.