The Groton Difference

Everyone Belongs
In a school of 382 students, everyone matters. Those who attend Groton are united by a deep commitment of one to another and of each to the whole. Integrity and civility, qualities sometimes overlooked today, remain important at Groton. The School’s intimacy and ideals foster inclusion and inspire students to understand their strengths and capabilities.
Exceptional Scholarship
A Groton education is thorough. Increasingly rare in secondary schools are opportunities to study two languages or take six courses, but Groton students can. Alongside traditional curricula are innovative approaches to instruction, such as the dynamic math and science classes in our STEM program. Superior performance on standardized tests, high rates of admission to selective colleges, and impressive performance in both undergraduate and graduate institutions demonstrate the advanced scholarship of Groton students.

Cui Servire est Regnare
Groton students are justifiably proud of the School’s heritage of service to the nation. Few institutions have had as much influence on the American Century, thanks to graduates including President Franklin D. Roosevelt and numerous policymakers. Currently, three Groton graduates hold seats in Congress, and Groton alumni work for the common good in a wide variety of fields, reflecting the impact of the School’s motto, “cui servire est regnare,” “to serve is to rule.” Students and graduates value service as an essential element of a life well lived.
Depth and Breadth
Groton believes that adolescents should expand their vision, not narrow it. Students develop the talents they know well, but also explore new arenas. The School offers an intimate setting and an array of opportunities found more typically at much larger institutions. At Groton, we avoid the contemporary emphasis on specialization. Groton scholars, athletes, actors, and musicians leave the School prepared to excel at the highest levels in college, but do so with heightened self-awareness of their abilities and interests in multiple areas—including many they would not have dreamed of discovering before Groton.
A Personal Touch
Groton offers Upper School students a full slate of electives, but students also may design tutorials, which are concentrated scholarship in subjects of special interest, under the guidance of a faculty member. The afternoon program can be individualized as well: a Faculty-Sponsored Activity or FSA allows students in-depth study of anything from extended research in a chemistry lab to the formation of a rugby team. The entire faculty serves as a resource to each student, a hallmark characteristic of founder Endicott Peabody’s emphasis on a School modeled after a family.
Prefect Year
Groton entrusts every senior with the responsibility to lead. Every Sixth Former leads a dorm of younger students, and many also take on other leadership—or prefect—roles throughout the School.   Younger students benefit from their prefects’ guidance—they look up to prefects as they might big brothers or sisters—and they look forward to mentoring as prefects themselves one day. Groton believes it is essential that students understand their leadership style and capabilities.
In an era when it can be difficult to understand one’s role in a complicated world, Groton offers students a valuable component of a contemporary education: religious literacy. The School day begins with a Chapel service, which includes prayers or words of wisdom from many spiritual traditions, a traditional hymn, and a Chapel Talk delivered by a Sixth Former, teacher, or visitor. Classroom study of world religions and weekly services for students in their own religion of choice reflect the inclusivity embraced by the Episcopal schools.

The Circle
On a plateau one mile from a New England village and 35 miles northwest of Boston, renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted designed a beautiful campus, focusing on a motif that he loved, the circle. The Groton Circle, a vast expanse of green ringed by buildings designed by the architectural firm of Peabody & Stearns, opens to the West, its vista toward the mountains of southern New Hampshire suggesting infinite possibility. While Groton’s property stretches across more than 400 acres of woodlands and down to the Nashua River, the central campus is conveniently contained around the Circle, which also serves as a symbol of the wholeness we seek to instill in each graduate.
Groton students love their traditions, and there are a lot of them to love. These are not empty rituals, but practices that support our sense of community. Perhaps most important is the structured routine at the beginning and end of each day. We begin together listening to a Chapel Talk and hearing announcements at Roll Call. We end the day with check-in, when members of each dormitory talk about the day’s events and shake hands with the teacher on duty before turning in. At the end of each School year, every student lines up to shake the hand of every teacher. Surprise Holidays, St. Mark’s Days, the school birthday dinner, Lessons and Carols, and many other traditions are eagerly anticipated and give each year a comfortable sense of familiarity.

The Food

Groton benefits greatly from many nearby farms, which allow our Dining Hall to serve fresh, farm-to-table meals throughout the year. Experienced chefs prepare delicious, healthy food, and the director of our dining service is the parent of a recent Groton graduate!

Resources and Opportunity
Groton benefits from having a higher endowment per student than all but a handful of independent schools or colleges. The School's resources support teachers' professional development; a generous financial aid budget; a global education program that stretches into Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America; and facilities with more square footage per student than at any comparable school. All of this means opportunity for students, and experiences rarely found at the high school level. The Groton experience has succeeded for generations, inspiring our graduates to lead lives of meaning and purpose.
Groton School is a diverse and intimate community devoted to inspiring lives of character, learning, leadership, and service.
Groton School is recognized as one of America's top boarding schools. It prepares students in grades 8-12 for the "active work of life."