The de Menil Gallery

The de Menil Gallery at Groton School, a public gallery that opened in October 2001, is a cultural resource to the Town of Groton and the region. Designed by Perry Dean Rogers/Partners of Boston, this state-of-the-art gallery has approximately 900 square feet of exhibition space.

During each academic year, the de Menil Gallery hosts three exhibitions; they showcase a variety of media, including photographs, paintings, prints, and decorative arts.
The de Menil Gallery is located at the Dillon Art Center at Groton School, a mile and half south of Groton Center on Route 111. Enter at the first gate to the right. Parking is available either behind the Art Center (a silver-roofed building) or at the Groton School Athletic Center, a short walk away.

Gallery hours: The de Menil Gallery is open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays (except Wednesdays) and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends (except school holidays). The de Menil Gallery is free and open to the public.

For more information please call 978-448-7ART or Groton School at 978-448-3363.
Winter Exhibit

Useful Stories

Sculptural assemblages by Lorraine Sullivan
Through February 27, 2018
Lorraine Sullivan’s playful narratives and masterly assemblages have the power to make us think deeply about life, art, and psychology. Using old photographs, ephemera, antique machine parts, and a vast array of curiosities, she shapes memories into totems. These in turn become markers and celebrations of our shared human history. 

Her artist’s statement explains her passion for collecting and connecting seemingly disparate oddities:

I love rust
That blue-green color of an old toilet float
Broken things
Parts of things
Lots of the same thing
Things with numbers and parts of words
Things used to bind other things together
Things used to measure something
Things by the side of the road and
Things washed ashore

I collect
And connect forms, surfaces and colors
I set up small relationships and then
Try to fit them into larger relationships
There is no big plan
It’s more like a puzzle
I work several at the same time
And when it’s “right” I’ll know it

I rearrange
Now this thing reminds me of . . . 
It makes me think of something else
This could be used to . . .
It looks as if it once worked 
But in some mysterious way

I am making something new
From objects of uncertain provenance
Their purpose often a mystery
And yet together they look so familiar
It looks like it has been here all long
I just never saw it before

From another place
Another time
Something new
The Other Side Sucks
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