Groton Teacher Wins Peruvian National Dance Competition

Groton School Spanish teacher Fanny Vera de Viacava and her dancing partner have won the Peruvian national folkloric dance competition known as La Marinera.

A native of Peru, Sra. Vera de Viacava won the national title in 1995, but didn't compete again for about 15 years. Since 2010, however, she has donned the traditional ruffled dress each winter to dance in Peru's spirited competition. Each year, she made it into the finals, but she didn't make it to the top until this year, when her long hours of training in Groton's dance studio paid off and she danced her way to a first-place finish in the seniors category.

Sra. Vera de Viacava, who has described herself as "super competitive, always," has been dancing La Marinera since she was 16. Today, she sometimes judges Marinera competitions around the U.S. She has been known to bring her dancing into her Spanish classes, and she has filmed a segment on La Marinera for the iPad version of the Spanish-language Breaking the Barrier textbook. 

Groton School proudly congratulates Fanny Vera de Viacava for her Marinera title and for so beautifully capturing the culture of Peru.

To see Sra. Vera de Viacava, scroll to 1:30 in this videoIn the competition, she and her dance partner were #50, so those waving #50 signs are cheering them on.