Financial Aid

The aim of the School is to accept students on their own qualifications without regard to their family's financial resources. Accordingly, no student should be deterred from applying to Groton because his or her parents cannot pay full tuition. Of Groton's 372 students, 38 percent receive financial aid. The average financial aid award for 2013-2014 was more than $40,000. Go directly to School and Student Service for Financial Aid.
Q. I am not sure if our family will qualify for financial aid. Is it worth applying?
A. If you are unsure whether you will qualify, you may contact the Interim Director of Financial Aid Bill Riley for advice. From the School's perspective, if you question whether you will qualify but recognize that tuition will be a significant financial hardship, you should apply. Karen White, in the Admission Office, can answer many basic questions about financial aid forms. You may direct further questions to Bill Riley. Feel free to be in touch.

Q. Will applying for financial aid affect my child's chances for admission?
A. During the regular admission season, decisions regarding admission to the School and eligibility for financial aid are made independently by the Admission and Financial Aid Committees respectively. Since admission is a separate issue, all families who are interested in financial aid are encouraged to apply. For nearly half of our candidate families, applying for financial aid is a normal part of the admission process. Although our financial aid budget is ample, in most years at some point we have to place a few deserving candidates on a financial aid wait list because demand is so high.

Q. Does Groton have any merit scholarships for which I can compete?
A. No. All financial aid is awarded on the basis of demonstrated need, not upon academic, athletic, or other merit. We firmly believe all students who are admitted to Groton have sufficient merit and that our aid funds are best awarded only to those who truly need them.

Q. Does Groton award financial aid to students from foreign countries?
A. Financial aid is available primarily to citizens of the United States and Canada. International students are eligible to receive financial aid. However, Groton has limited funds available for this purpose.

Q. What items do I need to complete my financial aid application?
1. For the 2014-2015 processing year, your tax information (a copy of your 2014 income tax return) must be submitted to the SSS. We understand that preparing your tax returns in advance of the IRS deadlines is inconvenient. We will accept an estimated tax return for 2014, followed by the official return once complete; however, our initial financial aid award could change based upon differences in your estimated and actual 2014 tax return. No financial aid award is final until the official 2014 tax return is received.

2. In the case of a separation or divorce, the Financial Aid Committee requires information from both parents and the step-parent with whom the applicant lives. We will bear in mind obligations to other children and stepchildren. The non-custodial parent must file a PFS with SSS for Financial Aid.

3. If you own your own business, you must file the Business and Farm Statement. This should be completed and returned directly to the Financial Aid Office at Groton. If you would like a Business and Farm Statement, please email Karen White.

Q. When will we be notified of our financial aid award?
A. Notification of your financial aid award will come from the Director of Financial Aid and will arrive within a few days after your admission decision letter, which will be mailed on March 10.

Q. I've heard that sometimes free tuition is offered. How do I apply?
A. Beginning in 2008, Groton decided to offer free tuition to all families whose gross family incomes were under $75,000 per year. The application process is the same as the process described above. You must submit the SSS form and your tax returns. Should you be accepted at Groton, you will receive free tuition and expense money for as long as your financial situation is unchanged.

Q. How do you apply for financial aid at Groton School?
A. To apply, all candidates for aid must complete the School and Student Service for Financial Aid form. You may use the online version of the SSS application for aid. We encourage you to submit this form to the School and Student Service for Financial Aid after November 1, and no later than January 31st. Groton School's SSS code is 3598.
Tuition: $55,700 boarding, $43,390 day
Technology Fee:  $600
Health Fee: $400 (boarding only)

Percentage on Financial Aid:

Average Grant:

Financial Aid Budget:
$5.9 million

Financial Aid applications are due January 15.